Friday, October 14, 2016

Full Circle: Find the Spark

When you take time to catch up on tweets missed over the long weekend and you come across this... Thank you to our Parents & Students in the McMurrich Junior Public School community (@McMurrichParent). Truly honoured and humbled.

What happens when a teacher believes in you... finds your spark and guides you by letting it shine in all areas of learning?

Weird to have one's name appear in the local newspaper showing appreciation. This has only ever happened one other time... back in high school when OAC (Grade 13) was around the Principal nominated me for my achievements. Please note that my academic experiences turned around in Grade 11 when I meet a team of talented Art teachers, Ms Jalsevic, Mr D'Arcy & Ms D'Arcy (no relation) who each had a SpecEd background. They recognized my struggles as a student with LD and helped me take my spark as a young artist and apply it in other academic areas. With this I transferred from the Basic to General to Advanced stream. I had to work twice as hard to move forward after each fail, appreciate small strides and get ready for the next day.
Thank you to all teachers who never give up in finding the spark in every student and letting them shine!!!

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