Thursday, November 3, 2016

MindShare Learning #cdnedtech16 Leadership Summit

MindShare Learning #cdnedtech16 7th Annual Conference Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit!
Although I was able to attend the second half of the day... it did not disappoint!
  1. Brian Aspinall's talk about learning alongside students and creating opportunities for students to be 'doers' in their own learning
  2. Maya Burhanpurkar's inspiring endnote focussing on the hidden genius in each and every child that educators and communities need to find (or help find) and bring it out!
What a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with educators and industry members who (yes, are promoting their own product) took the time to have a discussion. Where they were truly present and listening to needs, ideas, obstacles teachers and school infrastructures are working to overcome while continuing to focus on the student and 21st Century competencies.
Stakeholders coming together and all this to address, promote and inspire students from K-12 to be creative, critical thinking, innovators in the present and into the future. I can't think of a better way to spend the day!
I am proud to be an educator with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and it is always comforting that leaders like Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Peter Singh are actively involved in discussions with teachers (yesterday at the TDSB DLL meeting) and today with industry members. It is very much appreciated that he shares a clear vision and is seeking out solutions to overcome or address challenges to continue building a strong infrastructure. One that supports our IT departments and teachers to ensure students have access to resources to support 21st Century competencies.
TVO had a talented crew of educators who relentlessly work towards building relationships with school communities: Katina Papulkas, Ting Ginglo, Sandra Chow and Jane Silva. Together they shared their focus on Math in Ontario and the pilot launch of mPower, Grade 4-6.
Microsoft and FairChanceLearning was well represented with Nancy Teodoro, Dustin Jez and Brian Aspinall sharing their energy and passion for coding via Minecraft and LittleBits to promote innovation from the drawing board to building/prototyping.
It was definitely cool to finally meet Brian Aspinall face-to-face after all this time dialoguing via Twitter! And again, Brian thank you for taking part in the Coding & Student Voice co-presentation with students held at the TDSB Ward 11 meeting hosted by Trustee Shelley Laskin back in September!
Being a bit sentimental but it was awesome to run into #TOR16 #GoogleEI cohort Jeffrey Humphries, Sandra Chow and Leslie McBeth. Clearly we are continuously listening and connecting with others to dialogue about student opportunities for learning/innovations.
And let's not ever forget... my friend and co-teaching partner Kamla Rambaran who is my soundboard, and partner adventurer. I can't wait to check out what we jump into next!!!
Thank you Robert Martellacci for the invitation to be a part of #cdnedtech16!



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