Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kensington Market, a School Tour & Innovator Academy BreakoutEDU

First, I would like to thank Larissa for organizing a warm welcome meet-up in Kensington Market for #TOR16 educators who arrived earlier in Toronto for the Innovator Academy. For me, it was a blast from the past being surrounded by many unique shops, restaurants and cafes. Several #TOR16 educators joined us, taking in the sights, purchasing souvenirs at Blue Banana and enjoying a hearty lunch at Urban Herbivore. From there we made out way to Larissa's school Lord Lansdowns Jr/Sr Public School where she gave us a tour, highlighting its history and transformation to a K-6 French Immersion School. 

An unseasonably warm, beautiful day was just what we needed as a small group we made our way through Chinatown a few teachers picked up Bubble Tea, taking photos of Toronto's Moose in the City statues, passing by the AGO before making our way towards Google Headquarters at 111 Richmond St.

As we entered the building it quickly became a photo-op with every Google signage on the wall and poster of the Innovator Academy! Everyone was excited, introductions and hugs going all around.

Pre-Day 1 of #TOR16 #GoogleEI Innovator Academy 
It would be an understatement to say that this afternoon and evening was great.... I had the honour to meet face-to-face #twitter PLN that have been mentors unbeknownst to them: Rafranz DavisSylvia Duckworth, Sandra Chow, Michelle Armstrong and Jeffrey Humphries.

I also had the opportunity to connect face-to-face with educators from around the world sharing their inspiring journey as educators and life-long learners/adventurers. 
As introductions began the #TOR16Canucks cohort surprised everyone with some entertainment to the tune of Canadian Dance Moves... followed by Poutine flavoured potato chips, Canadian temporary tattoos, stickers and #TOR16 buttons!!!

ThBreakoutEDU sessions to connect, build relationships and teamwork were as challenging as they were insightful. Thank you to my team for sharing your stories with us. It was truly awesome being part of the #TOR16 cohort on this day and I couldn't wait to see what the next day would bring! 

Thank you to the #Google team Becky Evans, Michelle Armstrong, Mark Wagner & Wendy Gorton for the warm welcome and support!

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