Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Blog: For Me & Education Enthusiasts :)

Let me start off first by stating that I have had students blog about their learning journey, reading strategies and mathematical insights. I even have a class blog which acts as a daily communication tool for students and parents/guardians giving them a window into our class activities, photos and much more. However, I have never blogged myself.

Over the past year I have been encouraged by educators who I hold in great esteem but have hesitated. Dr. Camille Rutherford (@crutherford) approached me after an Ignite Talk, EdSurge 2015 where Sandra Chow (@watnunu) and I co-presented. And then again just this weekend by Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) who coached myself and many educators during the Google for Education Innovator Academy in Toronto this month (more to come about that awesome experience).  Dr. Camille Rutherford and Sylvia Duckworth highlighted the same video to me, a video clip I share with my students each year, throughout the year for inspiration: "Obvious to you, Amazing to Others" by Derek Sivers.

So, why the hesitation? I don't know... other than I thought enough of what I do was being communicated through my students stories about their own learning journey. But that's their story. Then, after reflecting about the learning in past few days I thought about Rafranz Davis (@RafranzDavis) who coached at the Google for Education Innovator Academy in Toronto strongly encouraging us to tell our own story; not someone else.

So, here it is... time to step up, reflect and share my story. If not for anyone else other than myself, my children and education enthusiasts!


  1. Just read your blog and am I inspired to start my own...loved that YouTube clip....will show it to my students tomorrow...all da best..TY

  2. HI Zelia,

    It was such an honour working with you over the past few days. Your project looks well planned out and ready to go. I am really looking forward to seeing it really flourish this year! You can also use your blog to reflect on your project, so that you can document your progress and share it with others. Bonne chance, mon amie!

  3. Well stated! Thank you for sharing! Congrats on #TOR16!

  4. I for one can't wait to read more!