Monday, April 30, 2018

Business Day 2018

Students connected with various guests (students, parents, board & community members) and made a true impression on how knowledgable they are as entrepreneurs and the importance of their role in Business Day and the global community.  

I know... I need to blog about the innovative, inspiring student leadership, teamwork & entrepreneurial spirit! Students who stepped up, or stepped out of their comfort zone in the months leading up to and continue to move forward since our 14th Annual Business Day event... for now, check out our twitter account for snapshots of students in action: @McMBusinessDay

So here it goes....
The participating students enthusiastically took part in this years venture experience to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur while analyzing issues about their global community and how they can have an impact on it with their own local action.  We have also been fortunate to have our business partner, Fabien Panzarella, Manager at BMO StClairAveW volunteer and guide use weekly! He has stated: "Teaching and learning entrepreneurship into a hands-on experience makes students understand the broader perspective of why we learn." "Thanks to Business Day, young students understand concepts like creating business concepts, testing them against the reality of prototyping and understanding all the ingredients for what financial success means."

Students STEM based ventures explored the nature of ‘play’ to create innovative and intriguing games; and going beyond consumers to creators of content that connect to their learning in order to spread awareness.  Ventures connected to unique ideas developed by different teams of students; within their companies, concepts evolved as students grew within the development of their company.

Students worked collaboratively and critically through problems by constantly revisiting the inquiry process, asking questions and reflecting on their accomplishments to help them move forward as a company within their company Google Sites and personal Google Sites ePortfolio.
Arcaderade: Students develop, design and build several unique interactive cardboard arcade stations that used MakeyMakey and Scratch (coding program) and Microbit and prepared fresh fruity smoothies. Additionally, they reached the inspiring Caine's Arcade and his influence on young makers.
Maze Craze Students develop, design and build several handheld and hydraulic wooden mazes. Furthermore, students shared their learning about Women in STEM and how we all have an active role in promoting STEM learning and careers.
Upcycle Genius Students develop, design and sewed bags from recycled clothes with an accompanied with keychain. The keychain has a QRcode, scanned with the Metaverse App to take part in a student designed augmented reality experience. Also, students researched the impact of Fast Fashion on our environment, while offering tips to address our impact based on our choices.
McM Infinity Students develop, design and build cardboard automatas and wooden infinity cubes! In addition to this, students conducted research about the Right to Play and just being a kid!

Students were encouraged to change their mindset by applying knowledge and understanding of content learned in class by creating, troubleshooting and coding/programming their own game app for customers to play and learn about child rights.

Team display boards have so many layers! Scan a QRcode & check our company Google Site; Scan the company logo with HP Reveal App and enjoy their commercial, Read thru infographic posters summarizing learning; use @MetaverseApp to scan and take their quiz as we build experiential learning opportunities! Learn more about student understanding, making meaning/connections and putting into action Global Competencies, Design Thinking, the Inquiry Process, spreading awareness about Global Goals, and donating proceeds to WE movement to support rebuilding schools in Sierra Leone!

Truly, I am inspired by the Grade 4 & 5 student commitment to support one another, working through the challenges of collaborating & compromise, take risks in their learning, making connections with community members/partners to bring about change with an idea that was STEM-based inspired. #entrepreneurialadventure

A shoutout to Kidder - Design Technology & Science Education for the rush on supplies needed to continue building our handheld & hydraulic mazes and automatas to sell during our Business Day event/fundraiser! Thank you to New Canadian Lumber for your donation of the board for the base of the mazes! We also received a small and much needed grant from TDSB Community-Connected Experiential Learning Project which focusses on - how it is an innovative approach to community-connected experiential learning.  How will your project positively impact student achievement, student engagement, and/or student well-being?

A special thanks to our students, teacher candidates from Niagara University and Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Torontoand Co-Op student from Oakwood CI for tweeting out the events of the day and collecting guest feedback via Flipgrid.


Let's not forget the ongoing support and encouragement from our parent community! Parent: "My child can’t wait to rush to school to continue building on their ideas and projects, especially knowing that what they are learning will be helping children in another country. They are pleasantly surprised that age is not the driving force for being innovative, creative and a leader."

Check us out on Twitter: @McMBusinessDay

Building upon the core subjects within the curriculum, immersing students learning experiences with a Global Competency focus on Creativity, Inquiry and Entrepreneurship while leveraging technology. Through these learning experiences student voice is amplified as they have a broader venue for spreading awareness around empowering students locally and globally through education. What an honour to go on this adventure with my students this year!





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